Charlie OHara Youth Ministock 7p

Featured Driver Profile 

Name :  Charlie OHara
Age : 15
Nickname :  Charlieo
Where do you live :  Palmerston North

Occupation : 

Race Class for 20-21 Season:   Youth Ministock
Race Number : 7p
Home Track : Robertson Holden international speedway
Chassis :  
Age of Car :  1 Year Old 2019-2020
Engine :   
Car Built by :   
Any other special features :   
History of Car :  77p 
When and where was your first ever race :  Robertson Holden international speedway 2019-2020
What other classes have you raced :   
Favourite track :  Oceanview, Wanganui
Past Achievements :  Getting 8th overall in stampede
Crew :  Dad, mum, Shea ,Uncle Sheridan,Paul,Blake
Sponsors :   
Biggest influence / Idol :  Uncle 23p super stock
Hobbies :  Racing, Hockey and even more racing
Race day routine :   Wake up, Gear check, load up, car preps and then racing
Race day food :  Breakfast and blue v
Website :