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These awards were for the 2019-2020 Season. Congratulations to all the winners of each award.

Rookie : Chris Collingwood 947p
Top of the class  Peter Rees 10g 
Hard luck :  Dale robertson 89w
Stirrer :  Ron tye 599p
Up and coming : Ethan Levien 46w
Most improved : Jaymie Hemi 571p
Driver of the year :  Keegan Levien 5w
Best presented driver : Scott Penn 77p


Rookie : Katie Prescott 75p
Top of the class  Josh Prentice 5w
Hard luck :  Daniel burmister 172p
Stirrer :  Luke Miers 15p
Up and coming : William Hughes 99s
Most improved : Ethan Levien 46w
Driver of the year :  Tyler Walker 2NZ
Best presented driver : Burmeister Motorsport 172p 173p


Rookie :  Chris Kernohan 92a
Top of the class :  Michael Pickens. #2
Hard luck :  Jonathan Allard 0usa
Up and coming :  Matthew Leversedge 78c
Most improved  Stephen Taylor
Driver of the year : Jamie Larsen / 82P
Best presented  Dean Cooper 84p


Rookie : Erin Uhlenberg 85s
Top of the class :  Ben Vaughan 2NZ
Hard luck :  Daniel Nickel 18s
Up and coming : Steven Hart 33k
Most improved :  Tony Johnson 13p
Driver of the year :  Shane Dewar 1NZ
Best presented :  Cameron Hurley 82v


Rookie : Tony Johnson 13p
Top of the class :  Duane hickman
Hard Luck : Glenn hujis 67s
Up and coming : Hayden Williams 27A
Most improved : Max Guildford 79a
Driver of the year :  Michael Pickens 1 NZ
Best presented : Peter Hunnibell 39a


Rookie : Dana lowry
Top of the class : Ryan Baker 15a
Hard luck : Danny Keene 71a
Up and coming : Ben Morrison 3nz
Most improved : Cole Morrison 36a
Driver of the year :  Peter Hunnibell 39a
Best presented :  Jeremy Webb 1nz


Quarter Midget  
Rookie : Malakai Webb 10c - 10 years old
Top of the class : Emerson Vincent
Up and coming : Conley Webley 8c - 9 years old
Most improved : Isabelle Clark 7c - 12 years old
Driver of the year :  Keiano Weir 54a - 10 years old
Best presented : Jacob Cunniffe 52c - 12 years old


Six Shooters  
Rookie: Luke McClymont 7m
Top of the class: Daryl Wright. #51
Hard Luck: Duane Cracknell 66i
Up and Coming: jacob mcintyre 88i
Most Improved: Toby Collins 33m
Driver of the year: Simon Wi
Best Presented: Jacob McIntyre/88i


Solo Bike Adult  
Top of the class :  Michael Patey 66a 
Driver of the year : Bradley Wilson Dean


Solo Bike Junior  
Rookie :  Rylan Casey 41i - 9 years old
Top of the class :  Damien Dalziel 19a - 10years old
Up and coming :  Oscar Drake 72 - 10 years old
Driver of the year :  Kadin Cracknell 66i 11 years old
Best presented :  Ryan Colvin 25i - 14 years old


Solo Bike Peewee
Up and coming :  Coby Drake 72c - 5 years old
Most improved :  Manger Kelman 17i - 7 years old
Best presented : Slade Fordyce 9i - 8years old


Adult Ministock  
Top of the class :  77s Craig Mason
Up and coming : Corban Huckstep 78s
Most improved : Can Uhlenberg 28s
Best presented :  39s Nathan Nolly


Youth Ministock  
Rookie : Charlie O'Hara 31p
Top of the class : Seth Hodge 12p
Hard luck : Ethyn Mclachlan 271B
Up and coming : Jacob Buckrell 99B
Most improved : Terence Dorrell 212r
Driver of the year :  Cody hodge 21p
Best presented : Hodgie Brothers racing 12p / 21p


Flat Tracker  
Rookie : Mathew Wortman/96
Most improved : Millie Drake 71


Rookie : Ryan Turner 49H
Top of the class :  Bunter Pierce 67s
Hard luck : Jonas England 17w
Up and coming : Sam Lane 19H
Most improved : Syd Fergusson 193H
Driver of the year :  Brad Lane 1nz
Best presented : Blair McPhee 2NZ


Modiefied Sprints  
Top of the class :  Vaughan M\marshall 67i
Hard luck :  Darcy Hewitt 11i
Driver of the year :  Vaughan Marshall 67i
Best presented :  Darcy Hewitt 11i


Production Saloons  
Rookie : Hayden Graves 38i
Top of the class : Matt Sherlock 75c/2NZ
Up and coming : Blake Murdock 321
Most improved :  Hayden Graves 38i
Driver of the year :  Matt Sherlock 2nz
Best presented :  Matt Sherlock 2nz


Super Saloons  
Rookie : Paul Simon 7d
Top of the class : Chris Cowling 27m
Hard luck : Craig Cardwell 8c
Up and coming : Sam Waddell 1nz
Most improved  Dan Corrin 124m
Driver of the year :  Steve Cowling 3nz
Best presented : Richie Taylor 58c


Saloons Adult   
Rookie : Danielle Halcrow 
Top of the class : Thomas Korff 1nz
Up and coming : Jarred McBeth 908s
Most improved : Craig Korff 8s
Driver of the year :  Billie Woodhouse 117c
Best presented : Josh smith 27b


Youth Saloons  
Driver of the year :   Harrison's Brown 157i  


Stirrer : Chris Kergozou 86i
Most improved : Chris Kergozou 86i
Best presented : Adam Young 42s


Rookie : Karl Foster & Micheal Twose 16c
Top of the class : Russell Stuart & Andy Parker 2nz
Hard luck : Rob Miller, Red George 8p
Up and coming :  Justin Lincoln, George Olsen 26b
Most improved : Jimmy Hutton & Nick Dunne 84p
Best of the year : Mike Zachan & Ben Franklin 97p
Best presented : Tony Hislop & Matt Stewart 17p


Entertainment Awards  
Roll Over :  Carol Podjursky 6s - King of the Arena 
The Destroyer :  Alan McRobbie 10r
Wheelie :  Stephen Taylor 21w
Run Off :  Keegan 5w vs Pete Rees 10g
Big Air :  Ron Tye 599p
Blocker :  Ethan Levien 46w
Thumper :  Peter Bengston 58p
Best Series :  BK Pro Dirt
Best Event :  ENZED Superstock Teams Champs
Most Wanted Driver :  Ron Tye 599p
Best Teams Racing Team :  Wellington Wildcats
Best Teams Driver :  Kerry Remnent 19m
Teams Mascot :  Bull Stratford STORMERS
Best Track :  Palmerston North
Driver Promo :  Scott Penn
Near Miss: Sam Prescott - King of the Arena
Entertainer: 96p Jacob Cooper
Leaving No Room Shane Dewar - 1NZ Minisprint at Stratford


Service Awards  
Reporter : Mike Wilson / PN Speedway Team Champs 2020 - Pit Updates
Presenter : Billy Hickey Pits Media
Commentator :  Stu Russell / PN Speedway
Volunteer : Jon Searanke / Gate Person / Riverside Speedway
Volunteer Reason : Jon has been the gate person at Riverside for 7 seasons, he does amazing work at the track as well as his position at Habitat For Humanity which has seen him building houses in Fiji. 
Professional Photgrapher : JDP
Amateur Photographer : Corbyn Shuttleworth / Riverside Speedway
Merchandise : Hutt Park Racing
Ambassador : Malcolm Ngatai
Track Promo : Woodford Glen
Event Promo : Ultimate Stockcar Knockout Wellington Speedway
Engine : Chad Ace / Ace Performance
Chasis Builder : Humphries Steel & Performance
Graphic Design : Kustom Print and Signs



Fan Awards
Fan Name : Zarlia Wyatt 17
Fan Reason : I nominate Zarlia Wyatt, she is a huge fan and has spent her life growing up within the speedway. She's always dreamed of racing but sadly the family can't afford it. She is always at Meanee supporting the drivers. She is hard working and helps out where she can. Not only is she a massive fan she also helps and supports the Hawkeyes and sells merchandise, take photography and helps the drivers and mangers. She is an awesome girl and an awesome fan
Fan Name : Ataeyah Shaye Perston
Fan Reason : She loves ethan and peter rees so much every year she gives them chocolates and gifts. This year she got to sit on ethan rees 127g superstock at the front in the grand parade at the superstock team racing and the that was her high light of her life and they always take photos with her
Fan Name : Ryker Pou 5yrs old
Fan Reason : Rykers attends Speedway with his brother who races Ministocks out of Wellington and has got to know Seth & Cody Hodge of Hodge Brothers Racing who out of Palmerston North. Seth and Cody are his idol, he waves his flag at every race meeting for them, had a photo of their cars on his 5th birthday cake, he sleeps in their supporters hoodie and put his autographed photo of him in their car in front of his brothers Speedway trophies .,,, because they are the best. Seth and Cody go out of there way to make him feel special because he is an awesome little supporter. One day he will race a yellow Ministock just like there's, I'm sure.







We welcome your nominations for the 2020 - 2021 season. 

We will have a people's choice award for each class category as well.

If you have any photos or footage of these, drivers, supporters or volunteers, could you please make contact with us for a link for it to be uploaded to site.
NZ has many classes therefore to nominate please select from the left hand awards menu

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