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Shane’s Fight against Lymphoma


Shane Quickenden is a husband and a father of 6 children. He currently works fullt-ime on a dairy farm in Taranaki, NZ and was diagnosed in July 2020 with Lymphoma and is currently under going treatment in New Plymouth. He has been through the first stage of chemo over the last 6 months.

He regularly attends Stratford Speedway and other tracks around the country as a spectator. In the past he has also been a volunteer at Waikaraka Park Family Speedway as a flag marshall. He has also worked as crew for various drivers for events such as the Waikato team in Palmerston North in 2019.

Update 27/1/21
Shane is currently in hospital for a few days as today he had a biopsy of his abdomen as a lymph node has been discovered to have cancer. They were unable to do the biopsy by laparscopy so under went a cut of the abdomen. It was discovered while he was in surgery his appendix needed to be removed as it had a problem and was also in the way when getting a sample of the lymph node.

Recently Shane has been advised by his current employer that at the end of the current dairy season that he will is no longer required on the farm due to changes at the farm so will have to find a new job and house to live.

The funds donated will help Shane and his family through this tough and stressful time.

Donate today and help support Shane and his fight with lymphoma cancer

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